Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8 Standard Duty Air Angle Reversible Drill

Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8 Standard Duty Air Angle Reversible Drill

Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8 Standard Duty Air Angle Reversible Drill

Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8: Standard Duty Air Angle Reversible Drill. Replacement for a worn out drill. Compact and just right for unique jobs. Fits well in tight spaces.

Handy for tight spaces and bolts & nuts that aren't torqued to much. Those you might have to break with a wrench or breaker bar, first. Good and solid and well made. Works perfect on tight areas. It's a little loud for an air drill.

Only needed this for 1 job I had to do. Will be working on more projects using this tool.

This is great for drilling in tight spaces. I've used it to drill out broken bolts tight engine bays. I didn't do that one of the first times I used the drill, and it's the only time I've ever felt like I did some damage to my hearing. The other thing is the throttle increases the footprint of this tool when trying to work in tight spaces, so be mindful of that.

It's very easy to accidentally trigger. I've used a cheaper angle air drill (Central Pneumatic) and the Ingersoll Rand is much nicer and much more durable it seems. I use this mainly for hard to reach places (obviously) not so much disappointed with the tool itself the drill will twist your arm off if you're not careful, the chuck is my concern. It is a Jacob's chuck and needs a key to use (again pretty obvious) the fitment of the key to the chuck is kind of leaving more to be desired slips occasionally.

I'm a diesel mechanic for a trash company so I put it through its paces and other than the chuck being a nuisance occasionally I love it. Best drill for the price easily imo.

If your going for an angle drill then the 7807R is the way to go. The reversible can also be locked down so you dont have to hold it. Very good drill for the price.

My other identical one lasted 10 years of heavy use and constant oiling. I expect this one will last the same. It's foreign built though. This is an awesome drill and good price! Goes where other drills can't.

Love it gets the job done. Great product but accidentally ordered two. Works and does its job. It could use a trigger safety lever to keep if going off everytime you set it down. Im not sure if I got a knock off or what but Im not impressed with this tool at all.

The metal of the chuck teeth where the key turns is extremely poor quality. Multiple teeth have pretty much crumbled off.

The chuck key is only about an inch and a half long and I have never tightened the chuck excessively. I have used ingersol rand air tools for 15 years and always been happy. No key to tighten chuck.

The only thing I didnt like about this item as it did not have a key to tighten the chuck on the drill. Thought it came with one.

Nice drill at a great price. Definitely the drill for removing broken exhaust manifold bolts or any broken bolt.

Saved me from taking out the radiator , fans and other parts good for tight areas. Excellent saved me a lot of work from dismantling the engine. Without this right angle drill I would of had to remove the ROPS on the tractor to use a traditional drill. This drill will save you both time and headache.

Cannot speak to it's durability, but it functions great so far. I wished it had the lock like other IR tools. To get in thought spaces and reverse. Loved the ability to go in reverse.

Used it to drill out manifold exhaust bolts. Disappointed in the cheap chuck It runs fine. Used to drill out some exhaust manifold studs. Ran in reverse with left handed drill bits and no problems. When trying to run in forward direction, it would stick and not rotate. Paddle needs to be smaller as this is for tight spaces, and the large size of the paddle is always hitting things and starting the drill. KEPT IN DUST Proof CASE AND OILED Daily as recommended.

I might have two hours most and it.. I BOUGHT THIS NEW, KEPT IN DUST Proof CASE AND OILED Daily as recommended. I might have two hours most and it bound up and quit turning tried to find fix but no ones talking. Ir is suppose to be great stuff , but not this drill its crap.

A tool i wont live without. I bought this guy because sometimes i have to crawl inside of a large loader or dozer etc and sometimes the bolts on the exhaust manifolds break. They call me to come and extract them. Its some really tight spots and this tool lets me drill through these super hardened bolts caused from constant heating and cooling of engines to be drilled through and extracted. I did that job once before without this tool and wont ever do it again. Its small and has some serious power. And it was a little button that reverses the bit.

Its great when it gets stuck and the bit stops turning. I needed a 90 degree drill motor for a specific job in a very tight area.

This drill motor fit the bill to do it. Drill motor is very well constructed and accomplished the job I needed it too.. This thing can be heard for 3 miles in every direction.

How they managed to make this so loud is in itself a miracle of engineering. The key to tighten the but is ridiculously small. Works well on hydraulic cylinder pins. Excellent addition for when you need to drill in confined spaces. Needed a drill for tight spots, in this case for extracting exhaust studs on a Ford Triton v-8.

This combined with left handed cobalt drill bits did the trick when welding a nut on didn't, drilling out with conventional drills could not get the angle correct without removing engine etc... A nightmare job that this enabled us to complete. I would like a rethink on the trigger design that was easier to modulate and less likely to activate in tight spaces by the tight spaces...

Not sure how that would be accomplished, so no stars removed. Works Ok but I don't like having the paddle on the back. Saved me two hrs work.

Amazing little air drill, have used it for a few manifold jobs I would never have done with out. Awesome tool- wish I d had it sooner, rather than the cordless I've been fighting. Right angle at right price.

Good durable Ingersoll product - these are getting hard to find... Very good service and the product work's well! This tool has plenty of power to drill 3/8 holes in metal.

There is something about a substantial weight of stainless steel in smooth motion. It's a wonderfully engineered piece of machinery. The heft, finish and movements are all well executed. The drill speed is not particularly fast but it has great torque. You will want hearing protection while using it.

Warning: If you accidentally press the button which would reverse the drill direction even the slightest bit, it will start blowing lubricant. Even so having the option to reverse the drill direction was extremely useful in my application. I used it to drill holes in existing shelving to run DC wiring for illumination. I wanted to get the holes as close as possible to the corners of the shelving; Needed to clamp wood underneath the bottom of where the hole was being drilled to get a clean cut.

Hit a nail and being able to reverse out of the hole was very helpful. Had to drill out exhaust manifold studs on.. Had to drill out exhaust manifold studs on a front wheel drive. Fit in the tight spot with out any problems.

The variable speed is kinda touchy but still great quality. Instructions supplied with the tool could be better but it is not too difficult to figure out. Good drill just wish it had a better way to control speed. Good tool, but the reverse button is tricky. Great price, does the job, and have had no issues with it.

Chuck key is a little sloppy but most.. Chuck key is a little sloppy but most other air drills I have used in the past were the same. The tool has a strong look and feel and works good. Picked up for a job... The tool has a strong look and feel and works good...

It is quite loud, the reverse is under the handle so you have to work around it, lots of power to drill out a broken bolt, no wobble it's real smooth, it may not get used a lot but very nice to have. Only had it a few days but no way around some jobs without this angle drill. Uh, maybe if you are a dentist.. Nice Angled Drill for Tight Places.

I may only use this item once a year, but when you're in the situation to where you need it..... It's worth the price. Highly recommended to anyone who demands quality and reliability in their tools. Had many Ingersoll Rand air tools over a 40 year span, of being an auto tech. This product is a must have for drilling out broken off studs/bolts for tapping and or extraction.

(Just be sure to use left turning bits) Works like a charm, plenty of power, and with practice, speed can be controlled for slower turning of bits. This thing is great for tight places and has plenty of HP to bore through just about anything you want. It arrived in good time and it seems to be working well but haven't had a chance to really try it.

I bought this tool for working in close quarters. I have one at work that is almost exactly the same thats been around for 20 years, gets used and abused by everybody in the shop, and it still works great. The reason I only gave it four stars is because, as has been pointed out, the ring gear on the chuck does look kind of cheap. Hope it does'nt break for me like it did that other guy. Other than that, I think its a great tool.

Metal of the chuck teeth is weak. One broke on the third use.

I expected more from IR, even in a consumer grade product. Haven't used it much but the quality is standard Ingersoll Rand. Not top of the line but not junk.

Fits right in the middle and right in the middle of my budget. I have used this drill for a month or two and it works very well. Plenty of torque and reversible. My father has a blue point drill that is strikingly similar. The chuck holds tight, over all high quality product.

Self employed auto and heavy equipment mechanic. Lots ot power on this little drill. It fit into a really tight space doing my Supercharger install on my car. Poor design of chuck gear renders drill useless after a few uses. This product seems to be no exception until you use it a few times.

The chuck ring gear is a powdered metal part which is prone to fracture when tightening a bit. It is really a shame since the tool itself seems to be a quality made piece. I would highly discourage anyone from purchasing this tool until Ingersoll Rand corrects this huge design flaw. My second tool is now in the scrap yard as it has become useless.

I was surprised to see that the chuck was of old world (well machined) quality. Good power and runs at a speed that I really liked. I have about 5 hours of rugged use on it and it's been flawless so far.

This is a mint drill.. Very easy on the wrists.. Which does have some decent stuff. It is pretty loud from what I expected, but most air tools are loud. It works, but not very powerful. A LARGE compressor is required, as it requires lots of air volume. It is noisy, but it will get the job done.

The instant reverse is nice as the lack of power causes the bit to get stuck often. It's got one speed, Fast! It's big, it's LOUD (coworkers were putting in their hearing protection around me when I use it), and the speed of the drill is very difficult to control.

And don't think you can manuver this thing in tight spaces. I would not recommend this product to a friend. Owned several other angle drills, I tried someone else's IR 7807r.

Immediately bought one for myself. If you have ever drilled out exhaust manifold bolts or need to, this is the right tool for the job. IR made another great product here. What more would you need. Has plenty of torque and good speed control. This is a great product! It works everytime just as if it were new. I have seen cheaper drills last for a month then break. Using this to build a homebuilt aircraft. So far its dependable easy to use with accurate speed control. Item was delivered as scheduled and in good condition. The drill is light weight and handy to use.

Ingersol 3/8 90 degree air drill. Runs great and absolutely necessary for close quarter drilling. Customer service is our top priority. Please be sure to read the description thoroughly to make sure that this is the item you want before making a purchasing decision.

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Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8 Standard Duty Air Angle Reversible Drill

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